The bike with the third loading area

A compact bicycle for daily use that is also spacious and stable. With its low platform between the pedals, it offers a new third loading area for goods and people. Available in two models: “light” (max. loading capacity 130 kg), and “professional” (max. 200 kg).

Weight loading
130/200 kg
Availability available
from 3.03.2019
Price 450/950

Tripla's frame is Patent Pending.

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Evoluzione Tripla

Natural evolution

Tripla has maintained the classic “diamond frame”, just lowering it. Besides the front and rear rack, it adds a third loading area on the platform between the pedals, remaining strong and light.

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For daily use

Tripla fits easily in your car, can carry your grocery shopping and and helps you to do the school run. Perfect for those who’d rather not buy a second car for the family.

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Technical details

Design and features

3-speed gears, 160 cm long, 20" wheels, connection for folding handlebar, low-entry frame (48 cm). The top double tube improves the stability, becoming a very distinctive feature. Electric version also available with Bosch/Shimano central system.

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The Platform

It is 20 cm wide: while waiting for a dedicated bag, you can carry a slightly modified "TascheXL" by (215x440x540mm), a "Loopshopper M" by or a "Rondo shopping bag" by The rear rack is compatible with accessories.

8 gg da 1020 €


An "open-source" bike?

Two M8 threaded screw holes on the front, three of them on each side, plus the double top tube, enables you to attach any accessories to Tripla’s patent pending frame. A simple bag hook, a child-seat, a long frame tale, a more complicated "side-car"... Bike geeks unleash your fantasy!

8 gg da 1020 €


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